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Our Services

  • Organized files and photo-data capturing the full scope of a building
  • Methodical approach to photography, for development team’s ease of access and understanding
  • Capture of all relevant Architecture and Construction details
  • Capture of all required measurements and texture samples to reproduce components
  • Full coordination of logistics including travel to any global facility, access, and site arrangements

Our Digital Assets division partakes in the highly specialized field of converting into 3D models by photo-documenting the Architecture and Construction of existing buildings. We capture information in the form of images – including measurements, details, fields of view, materiality, and custom branding.

Since 2014 we have worked directly with IO-Media, Inc. of New York City, NY, USA – now a division of Ticketmaster, Inc. – to build the ubiquitous Virtual Venue ticketing and sales platform used for sports worldwide.

Project Types to Date

. Stadiums . Performing Halls . Construction Projects . Golf Courses . Circus . Equestrian Tracks and Facilities .

. NFL . NBA . NHL . MLB . NCAA . MLS . CFL . CPL .




Osman was one of the most thorough, detailed and comprehensive photographers I have had an opportunity to work with. He was passionate to capture the quality images of each premium space we were shooting, enabling us to re-position and re-introduce our product in the marketplace. I would highly recommend partnering with Osman – as he truly is a partner in your project.
Wade Graf
Executive Director,
Premium and Corporate Ticket Sales,
NBA Chicago Bulls

Our Method

Comprehensive Photographic Data Capturing The Full Scope of a Building

We capture photographic data of an entire facility of any kind – up to 20,000 photographs of:

  • Existing Architecture and Construction Details
  • Architectural Layouts, Sight Lines, and Obstructions
  • Signage, Branding, and Wayfinding systems
  • Any Unique Architectural Component in Each Building
  • Unbuilt Layouts and Site Orientation Photography

This photographic data, termed “Digital Assets,” is used for Architectural and Virtual Reality development of the most refined and realistic detail. See our work applied to Virtual Venue by IO-Media in our Case Studies.

Capture Measurements and Material Details

As we photo-document a facility, we are able to capture:

  • Specific measurements of Structure and Architecture, including Ceiling Heights, Lighting, Service Stands, and Millwork.
  • Furniture Measurements, Layout, and Details
  • Relevant Angles and Measurements of Architecture and Construction Details
  • Detailed Texture samples throughout the building.

Our documentation allows you to fully reproduce each space with photo-realistic detail.

Methodical Approach to Photography Capture

For a developer and 3D team’s ease of understanding and access, we follow a methodical approach to capturing each building during our site visit.

  • Each building is a unique structure, captured and organized in its own unique way
  • We work to make it easy for your team to understand the layout through our seamless process between capture and delivery of organized files.
  • We follow a standardized process in data-capture, consistent with our deliverables.

View our Case Studies for examples of how we methodically capture each building and organize all files.

Delivery of Organized Files

We compile all photographs from our site visit into separate sections to cover different parts of any building. For instance, within a Stadium facility we separate:

  • Exterior Capture and Site Details
  • Center Field/Court
  • All Seating Bowl Layouts, organized by Level, Section, and Row
  • Club and Premium Spaces
  • Suite layouts
  • Concourses and Circulation
  • Signage and Branding
  • Measurements/Finishes of Typical Fixtures and Architectural Details

A manifest is provided with our deliverables, along with a map and layout guide of the photography locations if requested.

Fully Independent Coordination and Travel to Each Project

We make full arrangements including travel to any global facility, access, and site arrangements with each facility, including:

  • Flights, Lodging, and Required Transportation globally
  • Direct Arrangements for Access, Timing, and Security Clearance
  • Any necessary coordination while on-site.

In the event of unexpected circumstances, we offer full flexibility to rearrange with the facility and for our services.

Our Work

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