Live Streaming

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Our Services

  • Audio and Video live streaming using DSLR cameras and wireless microphones.
  • Dual feeds – outbound to viewers, and inbound stream from viewers to the event.
  • Integration with event audio systems.
  • Full planning of logistics and integration with event team.
  • Live management of production.
  • Recording and distribution.

We offer live streaming services to bring events to live to viewers around the world, and allow virtual attendance for those viewers to live events around the world. Utilizing the Zoom, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live platforms, we bring events of all kinds to live to viewers around the world, as well as back to the event itself!

We plan all logistics for all of our visits with your team..


EXCEAR Virtual Services hosted my son’s wedding. We have tons of family overseas and tons of friends that could not make it in person from different states/countries. EXCEAR allowed my family to experience my son’s wedding just as if they were there with us. Video quality and videography was amazing, they were very professional and were very punctual. I HIGHLY recommend them for every and any event or occasion you may have. Videography was amazing, photography was amazing, Zoom conference and Facebook live quality was amazing.
Naushaba Zahid
Columbia, Maryland
Great job on my nephew's wedding. I am very impressed . Good quality, 5/5 Star job.
Amir Rizvi
Columbia, Maryland
EXCEAR Virtual Services was amazing. Very professional and allowed my family that couldn’t be with me in person to experience my wedding ceremony just as if they were there. The quality was amazing on both the zoom conference and Facebook live call. Very punctual, and very very professional. Without EVS, my family overseas and in different states would not have been able to experience this monumental occasion with me. I would highly recommend them for any event or special occasion!
Tabeer Siddiqui
Columbia, Maryland