About EXCEAR Virtual Services

Founded in 2014, EXCEAR Virtual Services provides custom Photography, Site Visit, and Documentation services to support Architecture and Construction applications. Our vision and mission is to deliver comprehensive, reliable, and the highest standard of product, that supports our customers and clients for their specific requirements.

We are based in New York City, USA and perform our work around the world.

Phone:+ 1 (540) 999.8745

Osman Dadi, Principal of EXCEAR Virtual Services, has over 15 years of experience in the world of Architecture, Construction, and Photography.

He graduated from Rice University (Houston, Texas, USA) with a Bachelor of Architecture (2011) and Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (2009).

Our Affiliates

IO-Media, Inc.

IO-Media is a division of Ticketmaster, Inc.
host of the Virtual Venue ™ platform.

TKO Project Management

A New York City based Owner’s Representative
Project Management Company.


Platform for Education, and Project Management
in Architecture & Construction.